Friday, November 9, 2018

This Woman Won $7,800 in a Zwift Race

Two important cycling races took place in the last few weeks. One was the Tour of Flanders, which saw more than 140 women toe the line in a 93-mile race through wet, treacherous conditions in the Flemish countryside.

The other was the CVR World Cup finals in Los Angeles, where 10 women fixed on trainers inside the StubHub Velo Sports Center battled it out, virtually, on Zwift’s Watopia Island course. The winner in Flanders, 27-year-old Dutch racer Anna van der Breggen, took home $1,415. The winner of the CVR World Cup, Carey Conabeare, a 42-year-old professional gardener from the UK, pocketed a cool $7,800. 

Yes, you read that right: A recreational rider competing on a gaming platform earned more than five times the prize money than a pro who won a notoriously grueling World Tour race. In fact, Conabeare won more money at the CVR World Cup than the combined women’s prize purse in Flanders.

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