Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CVR - Cycligent Virgual Racing The Toughest Video Game In The World

Cycligent Virtual Racing has been called the toughest video game in the world. But it was that and a lot more to the 40 invited riders who raced in the CVR World Cup in Los Angeles [April 2018] - going head to head in 4 categories to win a share of over $100,000 in cash and prizes over the season.   While the course inside Zwift's training platform may have been imaginary, the effort - and emotions of riders and fans was very real.

Two hundred meters to go...  Cowbells clang behind cheering fans shouting encouragement as their favorite riders jump out of the saddle and plunge headlong into a max-effort sprint. Live commentators scream out the action, as camera crews try to keep focused on riders jostling for position. The atmosphere is electric as a lead group of 7 riders crank out huge watts in the all out dash for the line.

It’s a scene straight out of any road race we’ve witnessed as fans of bicycle racing – it could be at the Tour, a Classic, or even your local Tuesday night crit. The adrenaline, excitement, and sheer joy of watching athlete’s duke it out mano a mano never gets old, and the human drama of not knowing who will win – or lose – until the battle plays out in front of our own eyes in real time is addictive. No matter how it ends, we want more. Do it again!

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