Wednesday, November 21, 2018

10 Amazing Cycling Classes Every Rider Must Try

It’s easy for cyclists to have their beef with indoor studios. The bikes often don’t compare to what you find on the road, instructors can lack true experience with the sport, and crunches on a stationary bike can sometimes be enough to make even non-cyclists squirm.
Yet, with the advent of indoor trainers, high-tech software, and studios (and imminent cold weather starting to rear its head), more and more athletes are moving their workouts indoors.
Cyclists are not excluded: On snowy days, on a work trip, on vacation, or any time your real bike isn’t in sight, there are indoor studio classes that even cyclists favor. And you can get a great workout from them, too.
Dig enough and its possible to find classes taught by cyclists, computrainer studios with very accurate data, cycling performance centers cyclists flock to, and even big-box companies that have their cardiovascular and muscular perks.
We did some of the research for you. Many of the classes below are also popular with non-riders, but they offer a host of benefits that will make anyone want to sign up and give some indoor sweat a shot.
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Cyclists who choose Peloton can ride in either the comfort of their own homes or at Peloton’s New York City studio on 23rd Street. Regardless of where you ride, the classes are a solid pick for serious riders, says Hunter Allen, president and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group in Bedford, Virginia.
“There are good bikes, you can use your own pedals, and many instructors are cyclists themselves and teach from a cycling perspective.” Try Matt Wilpers, Christine D’Ercole, and Jennifer Jacobs who are cyclists themselves, and use power and wattage to give riders the experience cyclist want.