Thursday, June 21, 2018

I’m going on vacation soon, renting a bike when I get there. Any tips?

Vacation time. When traveling with your bicycle, or, when renting a bike via bike shop or tour group, give it a quick "once-over".

BEFORE: If you have had a recent bike fit, have the fitter write down the measurements of your bike.

Else, write down some critical numbers such as:

    • size of frame 
    • crank arm length 
    • stem length 
    • Stack & Reach to the handlebars as well as to the saddle 
    • or distance in cm from center of the handlebars to the tip of the saddle · 
    • distance in cm from center of bottom bracket to top of saddle (measure in line with the seat tube as a reference)  
    • AND, its OK to bring specific items with you such as your own saddle, GoPro and mounts, etc.

  1. Give the mechanic your bike measurements either before you arrive or when you arrive. This will help them find the correct-sized frame as well as adjust it to your size before you arrive. 
  2. Place the bike on the ground (most mechanics will adjust everything on a work/repair stand) and open/close each skewer. This will not only center the wheels in their dropouts but also allow you to verify/adjust the skewers to a correct amount of pressure. 
  3. Squeeze and release brake levers. Check to see that brake shoes are not touching the rims when they shouldn't be 
  4. Make sure that the brake calipers are centered so that when you squeeze the levers, the shoes touch the rims at the same time. 
  5. Check the condition of all cables. For safety, double check the brake cable/caliper attachment bolts. 
  6. Take a quick spin around the parking lot checking sizing, shifting and braking. Make any last-minute adjustments now. 

Make sure you have a tool kit, fill up your water bottles and go and enjoy!

Rick Schultz PCG Associate Coach and Bike Fitness Coaching Bike Fitter