Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Importance of Communication

I love my data.  Give me a power file, or please don’t send me anything!  

However, I also need to hear from you and how you are feeling. I don’t need a dissertation of every minute of the ride, but give me 3-4-5 sentences of info that will help me coach you even better.  

This great article below that talks about communication and how important it is.  It's not about cycling, but one of my other passions; racing. 

I especially like the anecdote about how important it is to relate things to people in the way that they can understand or relate to it best. That’s critical.      


by Eron Flory   Motorsports coaching is about transferring knowledge and experience from an experienced person to a less experienced person. But the difference in experience, while important, is not the most critical factor in successful coaching. To be successful, a coach must be able to communicate with the driver in a way which resonates with that particular driver. If not, the coach’s inputs may actually be harmful; these inputs may be distracting the driver from what they may otherwise be doing well and distracting from their enjoyment of driving on the track.​​​​​​​   I have been coaching for a while and racing for even longer. I thought I was a pretty good coach, but I found that I had difficulty communicating my intent to some drivers. Being an engineer, I found it very easy to communicate intent and car dynamics to other engineers, but found it much more challenging to communicate effectively with people who had non-technical backgrounds.   It turns out that there’s a lot of value in finding out what off-track life experience a driver has, because this can be the key to good communication. The driver’s previous driving experience is important to know when deciding “what” to communicate. The driver’s other life experiences are important in knowing “how” to communicate.​​​​​​​
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