Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peaks Coaching Group Continues to Expand Internationally

Peaks Coaching Group Hunter Allen International Expansion India Brazil Brasil

Peaks Coaching Group Expands in Brazil, Japan, and India
Bedford, VA, USA – August 6, 2014

Peaks Coaching Group is the leading international endurance-based power training company for cyclists and triathletes. The founder and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group, Hunter Allen, is widely known as one of the top experts in training with power and is the coauthor of the authoritative book Training and Racing with a Power Meter. Peaks Coaching Group has been growing rapidly in the last several years as power training has become the new norm for competitive cycling and endurance training. We are pleased to announce that PCG now has affiliate groups in two countries, Brazil and Japan. Both groups are owned and operated by PCG coaches who have been trained and mentored by Hunter Allen. In addition, PCG continues its international expansion through coaching two professional cycling teams in India, Trek Firefox and Specialized Kynkyny.

In Brazil, PCG elite coach Cris Solak owns and operates Peaks Brazil. Cris has been coaching for over fifteen years and is an accomplished pro triathlete himself and a Brazilian National Champion. Hunter Allen commented, “Cris has been part of the PCG team for over five years coaching PCG athletes as well as working at PCG training camps. Brazil has always been a hot spot for power training, and now we have Cris and his team to handle the needs of so many interested cyclists and triathletes in Brazil.” Cris is excited about bringing power training to Brazil. “As a coach,” he said, “I combine my extensive racing experience and years of athletic studies with Hunter’s proprietary power training education, and I can provide the ultimate coaching experience for my athletes.” You can read more about Cris and his coaching on his website:

In Japan, PCG elite coach Takashi Nakata owns and operates Peaks Coaching Group Japan. Takashi is an experienced coach and athlete with twenty-five years of road, track, and cyclocross racing at national and international events. “I have always wanted to pass on the cycling knowledge that I have obtained in the US while traveling in California, as well as Hunter Allen’s expertise of power training and education, to help Japanese riders achieve their potential,” said Takashi. “The scientific and quantified approach to training that Hunter and the PCG team bring to the table will be exciting to help advance the Japanese cycling culture to a more international level.” Hunter Allen, who has mentored Takashi, commented, “Takashi is a sponge for power knowledge. His analytical mind and background studies mixed with his racing background are perfect for really grasping the technical power concepts that are needed to run Peaks Coaching Group Japan.” Takashi has begun to translate the PCG blog into Japanese to bring Hunter’s power knowledge and articles to the Japanese cycling community: Takashi’s site already has over 1,300 reader hits a day, and as Hunter said, “Coach Takashi’s future with power training and Peaks Coaching Group in Japan has huge growth potential!”

In India, PCG  has been working closely with renowned Indian coach Srinath Rajam to develop two pro teams. The response and growth from the Indian athletes has been tremendous. Tim developed a team coaching approach for the India teams that includes not just the pro team but over 100 competitive cyclists training and competing regionally and nationally. The PCG coaches have been teaching and training the athletes about power, as well as race tactics and strategy. “It has been an honor to work and coach with Sri and the Indian cyclists,” Tim said, “and it’s been exciting watching them grow and become strong international teams.” Srinath Rajam has coordinated and sponsored this aggressive cycling development in India and is looking forward to UCI pro status in 2015 for Team Trek Firefox and Team Specialized Kynkyny. Click here to find out more: