Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time to Reboot

By Lisa Tonello, PCG Elite Coach

Peaks Coaching Group Time To Reboot Winter Training

Recently my Internet was growing slower and slower to the point I wanted to throw it out the window. I was frustrated beyond belief. I’d turn off the switch on the back of the router, wait fifteen seconds, and turn it back on. This seemed to work for awhile, but it would soon become unbearably slow again.

I finally called our internet service provider to complain. After being put on hold for what seemed like forever, a technician came on the line and asked, “How can I help you today?”

I explained how my poor internet connection was getting slower and slower.

The technician replied, “Oh, it sounds like you need to do a complete reboot.”

Of course! A complete reboot. Why didn’t I think of that?

“Do you know how to do that?” he asked.

“Yes, I turn off the switch in the back, wait fifteen seconds, and turn it back on.”

“Nope,” he replied. He then instructed me to turn off the switch, unplug and disconnect everything, wait fifteen minutes or so, connect everything again, and turn on the switch.

Okay, easy enough. I followed the instructions, and lo and behold it worked. Not only did it work, but it was faster than ever. Thank you, Mr. Technician!

As I watched my Internet speed get faster and faster, I thought how nice it would be if I could do a complete reboot of my energy system: turn everything off, wait awhile, connect it again, and get faster. And then I realized I can. And this is the perfect time of the year to do it.

How do you reboot your system? Take a break from training and racing. Lose a little bit of fitness to rebuild your fitness. A complete break. And by a complete break, I mean unplug and disconnect everything. This allows your body to rebuild itself.

How long you need to wait before you turn everything back on depends on what you did this season. Did you race every weekend? Did you do five sprint triathlons, two Olympic triathlons, and one ironman? Did you ride six centuries? Or did you just train every day to get back into shape so you could ride on the Saturday morning group ride without getting dropped? All of these and more took a toll on your body. If you had a super long season, I suggest taking two weeks off your bike. If your season wasn’t that intense, take one week. Feel like you need more than two weeks? Then take three. The most important thing is to take the time off, lose some fitness, and allow your body to rebuild itself so you can come back stronger and fitter. Go kayaking, go hiking, go walking. Do those things you couldn’t or wouldn’t have done during race and training season. Your body’s not the only system that benefits from this; your mind does, too.

Go have some fun for a week or two, because as soon as you get back we’re going to reconnect, turn on the switch, and set to work making you even faster for next season. Get ready!

Lisa Tonello is a USA Cycling Level 2 coach. She and other PCG coaches create custom training plans for all levels of athletes. Lisa can be contacted directly through