Friday, January 27, 2012

Bike Fit also Important to Peaks Camper


Your bike fit blog was a great post for me. Since attending a Peaks training camp in 2010 I understand how to advance and increase my FTP / Threshold. However, I believed I have reached a Peak (pardon the pun) at this time.

I found a dealer local to me in CT. who fits cyclists utilizing the DFU. The owner Greg Pelican reviewed my needs for a fit after a brief discussion. He decided that I would be best served with a Dartfish fit.

The bottom line is that I needed minor adjustments with my bars, saddles and one shoe cleat. But most importantly, I needed to focus on my posture. During my adaptation after the fit I noticed that my efficiency has improved. I also noticed that my muscles needed to adjust. However, only imperial data will prove this fit will improve my power output. I am scheduled for FTP threshold test which will take place next week. I will keep you posted on the results.

I apologize for not letting you and Hunter know that The Peaks Training Camp in Pa. was GREAT. The attention which member of the staff devoted to each of the cyclists was the best. The students, location, on road support, and most of all the caring staff made this Camp a great first experience for me. I hope to see you and the staff this year in Pa.