Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hunter Allen's Race Report: First race in 8 years!

2011 Roanoke Twilight Criterium Roanoke, Virginia

Masters Race- very tactical. Pat Raines was strongest for sure. But I couldn't get him to work with me when we attacked on 5th lap, we could have easily ridden away from the field. Won first preme on 2nd lap easily. Lots of easy and then hard.. Was really an easy race, but no way I was going to drop Raines by myself. Missed opportunity to get the top two places when we were away.. Oh well.  With 1.5 laps  to go, I was 5th wheel, Jordan slid out in right hander and took out Steve Hetherington, Pat and then I came  to full stop in 53:14 at bottom of hill.  Chased last lap and half, but couldn't catch the first 7 dudes.  Dang it!  8th place

Cat 3 4  Race. Got the a great start and was 3rd wheel and then attacked on first lap and just went solo for like 15 laps..  Got two premes and race entry for the July 3-4th races in Roanoke!  Much easier and safer off the front! Finally Someone came up to me and he said, "love your book".  too funny! We worked for like 6 laps and then three guys came up and then they rang a bell for preme and one dude took off and I couldn't go  and another guy went with him and that was first and second. We then had 5 of us up there. Very hard to work on this course. I was pretty tired by that point and wasn't contributing to upping the pace, just rolling through.  Then got a gnarly diaphragm cramp-left side, so that hurt, but dealt. Sat on with 4 laps to go, but I was pretty gassed. On last lap, I moved to 4th in line and then just held to the line. Didn't have enough room to catch 5th place. 
Good race though and lots of fun, especially I was basically off the front the entire race. Not a bad comeback.   6th place

Really great to see so many old friends. Frank Haranzo, Ruth, Terry Ashby, Steve Hetherington, Wes Wilmer, James Schafer, Matt Butterman, Brian Marshall, Nick.  Bike racing hasn't changed in 20 years. Same  old stuff.  Great to have kids and Kate cheering for me as well. Great for the boys to see me race and do well also.  

Felt fine in the race. Super comfortable through turns and at speed. No worries. lacking the snap though. especially in the 3/4 race, but some of that was just fatigue from being off the front the entire race. Was great to be solo off the front for so many laps and look back and see the entire field single file and chasing and not gaining an inch.  Just like old times.