Thursday, July 6, 2017

Videos: Peter Sagan Disqualified From The Tour De France Appeal Rejected

The Tour De France 2017 has started and already there is some controversy. Peter Sagan has been disqualified.  Tour officials have determined that he elbowed Mark Cavendish leading to a horrendous crash. 

From the UK Guardian: 

Sagan then lifted his elbow up and Cavendish was forced into the barriers in a split second and fell heavily on his right side. “There was no reason for that elbow,” said Hammond. “As a former professional bike rider I know the way it is done.”

It's not easy to tell if you watch this video:

From the still it looks cut and dry. But if you watch the video it's not so easy to tell. 

Sagan appealed his disqualification but was rejected

Here is a good analysis of the incident. 

You be the judge!

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