Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hunter Allen Reviews the New PCG Kits by Kallisto

In 2014 we decided to start working with a new clothing partner, Kallisto Custom Technical Apparel. Switching to a new clothing manufacturer can be a challenge, but Kallisto made the switch easy and painless. We found the ordering and set-up process to be simple and fast; we went from our design ideas to final product in-house within eight weeks. Once we unboxed everything and starting running the items through the test mill, we were super happy we made the switch! 

Hunter has tested the kits himself and shares his thoughts: 

Hunter Allen
I am super psyched with the new kits by Kallisto! I absolutely love the jerseys. The stretchy, aero front is great, and it fits snug, just right (we've got race fit, though they can be ordered in club fit). They make you feel five watts faster just putting one on. At first I had concerns on the breathability of the fabric, but Kallisto assured us the fabric breathes like cooling fabric, and they were correct. This is the “coolest” jersey I have worn! I can see it’s going to be easy to wear in the heat and humidity this summer. The lack of grippers around the arms is GENIUS! I love this. So smooth, and it doesn’t even feel like you have on a short-sleeve jersey at all! Also, thank you for good pockets! I can tell Kallisto took time to figure out the perfect depth of the pockets in the jersey and support vests and jackets. They're super easy to reach back and fish things out of, and large enough to store what you want. I hate it when the pockets are too high and you have to work your shoulder out of socket to fish around in them.

A quick comment on the long-sleeve jersey....thank you for a great piece! It is a perfect weight to complement the kit. I personally don’t like lightweight long-sleeve jerseys, as I'd much rather wear arm warmers, but this jersey has just a touch of weight, making it perfect when the jersey and arm warmers aren't enough.

The shorts fit really well, and I'm psyched to see the radio pocket in the back. The leg grippers aren’t too tight, and since I fold these up anyway, they're nice and comfy. Those of us who don’t like leg grippers know that folding them over and up usually makes them tighter, and it was a nice surprise to find out that Kallisto's don't bind! When you talk shorts, it all comes down to the pad. The first thing you notice about our new shorts is that the pad is bright lime green with a smaller (but not thinner) pad profile. I've found that pads that are slightly smaller and focused on key points of padding are always more comfortable. Nothing's worse than walking around in a large pad and feeling like you have on a "bike diaper.” The Kallisto pad is well fitted and targeted right to the spots that need padding. The second thing I noticed about the pad was that they feel a little firmer than others I've worn. There's no feeling of a cheap pad or foam; just a nice solid padding at the right thickness. Once on the bike and riding, the pads are a perfect blend of thickness and fit. Finally, and to me most important, ventilation: the pads are great material with plenty of ventilation, and I have to say they feel great on the bike. Okay, so no one really wants to talk about their butt staying cooler, did, and it was great! The overall fit of the shorts is good compression without being “too much"

Supporting Pieces
The wind vest and arm warmers are great additions, working perfectly to balance everything out. The winter vest was a nice surprise; it's one of my favorite pieces as a thermal jacket. Another genius thing about the winter vest? The rear pockets are stretchy lycra! When you ride in the winter, you have to stuff a ton of junk in your back pockets (extra gloves, more food, hand warmers, wind proof vest, etc.), and with the stretchy pockets, you can stuff in more! Why has no one done this before? Brilliant. Coupled with a simple under layer and the long sleeve jersey, it's perfect for winter riding.

If you're interested in going custom for your team or club, give Kallisto a shout. They've got great products, great service, and a fast turn-around! You can also order your own PCG kit through our store.

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