Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cycling Training & Racing: A New Approach to Racing with ZUUUM

Cool New Power Program from our friends at ZUUUM!  This is a great way to get start with training and racing with a power meter!Cycling Training & Racing with power meters
At its core, cycling training is about making calculated efforts towards improvement and appropriately pushing yourself to new levels of fitness . Do you love to ride and want to see what you can do? Do you love to race but don’t want break bones in a pile up or lock bars with 1,000 other wild novice riders at a century? If you identify with either of the above then ZUUUM club cycling is for you!

What is ZUUM Club Cycling?
ZUUUM is a new concept in club-level cycling. It’s based on a classic idea: handicapping.  ZUUUM power-bracket racing lets cyclists of different abilities compete.  It gives everyone, not just the hotshots, a chance to stand on the podium.
“ZUUUM club cycling is about tapping into the ease of using today’s power meters to rate cyclists according to their power-generating ability and then ranking them with other similarly skilled cyclists so that everyone can compete on a level playing field. . . ZUUUM races offer men and women a healthy, safe, competitive racing format guaranteed to provide more great days on two wheels.”
New to Power Meters?
This is the perfect place to try one out for free! Check out the ZUUUM POWER CLINIC on July 28.  At the clinic, the team at ZUUUM will install a power meter on your bike, explain how to use it, and help you determine your optimal training levels!  At the clinic you can also receive professional coaching tips coach Hunter Allen, coauthor of Training and Racing with a Power Meter .  After you’ve gotten used to the power meter, the ZUUUM team will give the option to get placed in a “power bracket” and race in club-level events.
Already a Power Meter Owner?
ZUUUM racing wouldn't be possible without a practical, affordable power meter. The good news: if you own an iBike Newton power meter you can attend the July 28 clinic…FOR FREE!
Just register by July 20, IT’S FREE; a $40 value. Don’t you just love free stuff? Here’s where to
Want to Learn More or Register? register, email Ryne Francis at

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