Monday, June 17, 2013

Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words!

Twice a year we survey our clients about their satisfaction with Peaks Coaching Group and their coaches' performance. Here's a response you just have to see! 

Justin Before
I just got the annual request to evaluate my coaching services from Peaks Coaching group. I of course couldn't rate anything below excellent!
Here is a before and after photo. The first one (above) is taken two years ago, about two weeks before I talked to Tim and Scott for the first time and decided to sign up with Peaks Coaching Group. I was over 280 pounds and was dead last in the Cat 5 state championships while being lapped several times.

The second photo below is just two years later, 100 pounds lighter and my power to weight ratio more than doubled. In just the last few months I have had multiple wins in Cat 4 races, second in the Cat 4 State Championships, and, as you can see by the medals, more podium finishes than I ever imagined! Some of the Cat 4s I was racing with got together and complained to me and asked me to upgrade (they got tired of me making successful solo breakaways and winning races). I obliged and I am now happily racing Cat 3s.

Thank you for all your help and helping me reach my goals and excel in a way I wasn't sure was even possible two years ago.

Justin After
His coach is Scott Moninger, who knows a little bit about cycling success himself, and I had to share his response to Justin's email:

Thanks Justin! Truly inspiring stuff!

I only make the plans, write the workouts, and share random nuggets of wisdom/knowledge with you.....YOU are the one doing the real work and truly dedicating yourself to both losing weight and becoming a better bike rider/racer! In the last two years, I don't honestly think you have missed a single workout, and it shows! You and others like you are the reason that I coach. You are a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to our continued success together.


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