Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Scott Foil 10 is an amazing bike!

As many of you know, Peaks Coaching Group’s newest sponsor partner is Scott Sports. We were able to unveil the new team bikes at this week’s Mardi Gras Training Camp just outside of New Orleans. We asked PCG coaches Scott Moninger and Tim Cusick to review the bike after putting it though its steps during the camp, and here is their report.


Moninger: This bike looks like it’s going 30 mph when it’s leaning against a wall. The overall looks are great, and I like its clean, not overstated look. The seat post and fork integration really works well.

Cusick: For me this bike can be summed up in one word—sharp! I love the sharp angles and smart lines that the Foil projects. The clean and understated logo approach of the Foil 10 is a perfect look.


Moninger: The Scott Foil responds to all input all the time. It has already been stated in numerous reviews how stiff the bike is, so I was prepared for this, but the bike gave me an excellent feeling of what I would call “precise but with a touch of neutral.” What does that mean? The bike is agile and quick handling but not overly so; not to the point where constant attention and adjustments are need to maximize its handling capabilities. This is a trait I love in a bike.

Cusick: I hate to use the cliché, but this is a point-and-shoot bike. The lateral stiffness in both the rear end and the head tube make this bike a high-speed maneuvering tool. I hate when a bike is out of “stiffness balance,” meaning it has either a stiff rear end or a stiff head tube. This mix always makes the bike flex oddly in turns and forces adjustments and different lines. The Foil nails the balance! The front and rear track very clean (I read that Scott called it neutral, and I would agree with that). I found myself making less high-speed adjustments. At camp I had my Scott Foil set up with a SRAM Red power meter and a set of Zipp 303 wheels, as my SES PowerTap wheels were being demoed by campers each day. The bike was right around 14. lbs but felt rock solid. My experience with some ultra-lite bikes is the handling can feel “lite,” but not this one.

Power Transfer/Sprinting

Moninger: Well balanced and stiff, the Scott Foil responds to the input. For me the idea of power transfer is more about climbing than sprinting, and this bike is a damn good climber. Built with SRAM Red and a set of deep-dish carbon PowerTap wheels, it’s around 14.5 lbs and super stiff, which is a great combo for climbing.

Cusick: This bike can sprint! In fact, for an aero bike, this bike can really sprint! Jump on the power, and you get a very quick bike. I love it when a bike just feels “snappy,” because that tends to come from a combination of stiffness and good handling.


Moninger: I had a little bit of trouble sizing the frame, since my fit is between sizes. Scott hooked me up by giving me the small frame but supplying a setback post (normally found on larger frames). Also, the stack height needs a close review, as it is taller than you might think. Review the sizing closely and adjust to make sure it fits you well.

Cusick: It’s hard to find any cons, but I would suggest paying attention to your bottom bracket needs if building this frame from scratch. Yes, there is a difference between the Shimano and SRAM spindle and bottom brackets.


Moninger: A great bike, very enjoyable to ride! Love the looks and the handling; add the aero and low weight, and you really have a great all-around bike. The stiffness was a benefit. I read a lot of reviews mentioning that it can be harsh, but I rode it on two rides of five hours or more in the first week of set-up and didn’t really find that to be true.

Cusick: Winner! I love when you jump on a new bike and it just plain works, fits. The Scott Foil worked for me from the moment I built it. Love the looks, snappiness, and overall handling, and the aero effect is a benefit. The Scott Foil was “that” bike for me.

Over the next month or so, Hunter Allen and select other team members are preparing a detailed, long-term review of the Scott Foil. Check back in early May for the results. 


  1. Can I ask how tall you are? I have a small frame but wonders whether to get a layback post rather than straight. Thanks

  2. Hi Scott,

    Tim is 5'8" and Scott is 5'9".

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm also 5'8. Might give a set back seat post a try.