Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scott Sports sponsoring Peaks Coaching Group for 2103

Peaks Coaching Group and SCOTT Sports

Bedford, Va, USA – Feb 7th 2013 – Scott and Peaks Coaching Group have joined forces in 2013 as Scott will be the official sponsor of Peaks Coaching Group, supplying Hunter Allen and his team of coaches with SRAM equipped Scott Foil 10 and 30 models.  “The Scott Foils are an incredible combination of super stiffness, ultra-light and amazingly aerodynamics” states Allen, founder of Peaks
Coaching Group and co-author of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter”, “ making for an overall amazing bike.  We are very happy to be working with such premier company like Scott and to have our coaches riding the Foil is amazing.”

The partnership is a good match because performance is at the forefront for both companies. “At Peaks Coaching Group, our coach and athlete performance is key to our company’s growth,” states Peaks CEO Hunter Allen. “We are the leaders in coaching and training with power, elevating our athletes’ fitness through data analysis and custom built training programs. Each coach is personally trained by my proprietary training process,” continues Allen, “and we feel we have the most educated group of power coaches in the world.”

“At Scott, performance is absolutely the key,” declares Doug Looney Regional Sales Manager for Scott Sports. “Endless hours are spent designing the Scott frames, testing and analyzing every angle in the wind tunnel and out on the road to create the perfect combination for the ultimate racing machine.  We are pleased to be working with Peaks Coaching Group and offering our performance frames to Hunter and his coaching team.” 

One of the key focuses of the program is the support of local bike shops.  PCG and Scott are working together to design some local support programs that leverage this sponsorship deeper by engaging the local coach with the local bike shop.  “The goal is to build a relationship between the brands that works locally.  Peaks has over 50 coaches all around the country representing thousands of followers and we hope to activate this network to work with the local bike shop to promote the quality and performance of the Scott lines.” states Looney.

Scott Moninger, the winningest US pro in history and a master PCG Group coach also shares his excitement with this partnership.  “I just assembled my Scott Foil and took it for a spin.  I can already tell it’s the bike for me, super light, incredibly  responsive, cutting edge appearance, but most of all  I just love the name, Scott!,”  says Moninger,  “I am looking forward to logging in some quality hours and miles riding my Foil at this week’s PCG training camp in Louisiana.”  

The partnership between Peaks and Scott is a strong one, with both companies ready to work with each other, promoting what they both believe in…top notch performance! 

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