Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Robin Farina Wins Mighty, Mighty Tour de Nez

Coming off of a strong top ten performance at the Cascade Cycling Classic, Robin Farina got her second win of the season at the 20th running of the Mighty, Mighty Tour de Nez in Reno, Nevada.  Robin got into a break in the first 20 min of the race, then whittled it down to 4 riders, including one teammate.  The four lapped the field with 3 to go and Robin finished it off by outsprinting the group.  Next up is the NRC Tour of Elk Grove where Robin looks to improve on her 4th place GC finish from 2011.

PCG Coach: Stephen McGregor

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Robin Farina, the winner of the 20th edition of the Tour de Nez this last weekend, is one of the capo’s of the US peloton.  She’s been around forever and has a handful of big wins, like the 2011 National RRChampionship,  that give her and authoritative position in the pack.  On Sunday she was one of the driving forces in a break that lapped the field at Reno’s big crit.  The Reno crit  is notable for several features like it’s high altitude location, 10 corners, and a slight elevation changes that makes for some interesting turns.
Farina (NOW and Novartis for MS) and several other big guns including Tayler Wiles (Exergy 2012) and Emily Kachorek (Primal Map My Ride), decided to push the pace early and their efforts were quickly rewarded with a solid breakaway.  A handful of quick finishers like Ruth Winder (Vanderkitten) attached themselves to the break and attempted to sit in for a sprint finish, but this tactic wasn’t going to fly with Farina and the other visiting pro’s.
“It’s absolutely someone’s right to try and sit in on a break but my break companions from Exergy & Primal were not willing to accept that either.” said Farina of her strategy during the break. “So we ramped it up. Kudos to the Touchstone (Emily Thurston) rider that did her share of the work.”
After lapping the field Farina mostly had eyes on Wiles who has proved to be a contendor in many NRC/NCC races this year. “In the final lap it was strung out by Beth, then Tayler Wiles took it over and jumped with 3 corners to go.” said Farina about the sprint to the line. “The race was to the final turn and through the chicane. Luckily, I got the jump on the protected side and was able to take a fast turn to the finish.”
Farina has spent the season helping her team leader Alison Powers to big finishes at stage races like Redlands and Cascade so it was a deserved trip to the podium for the 34 year old rider out of North Carolina. Farina’s teammate Beth Newell helped set up the win and received and was rewarded with a team victory and several primes throughout the race.  ”Beth did an amazing job of leading it out with a lap to go and snatching the final prime of the night!” said Farian “She is turning out to be quite a teammate and racer in her first year as a neopro.”

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