Thursday, June 14, 2012

Congrats to Matt Cooke!

Congrats to Matt Cooke of Boulder, Colorado on his fine mountain-top stage win today at Canada's Tour De' Beauce!

Matt won his first national caliber race in April at the Sea Otter Classic. Then he played the selfless worker at the Tour of Calif for team leader Freddy Rodriguez, who landed a podium finish on day one. Matt was then able to fully recover at home and train specifically for the Tour De Beauce with a good dose of LT surges, some long enduro days in the high moutains, and a heavier than normal dose of NP/AC workouts, due the nature of the "burgs" which are a daily reality in the Tour De' Beauce.

This is Matt's first time racing the Tour De Beauce but fortunately, having competed in the event multiple times myself, I was able to share some insight with Matt as to how he could best maximize his strengths and how to best leave a real mark on this event.  Good luck in the rest of the race Matt and congrats again on your first UCI win!

Peaks Coach: Scott Moninger

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