Friday, May 4, 2012

The Reason I Coach!

Scott Moninger, Master Level Coach, forwarded this testimonial / thank you from a client with an AMAZING STORY:

Twenty years ago I was a 17 year old category 2 cyclist who used to race with the Juniors in the morning (which included future TDF rider Jonathan Vaughters) and the Cat 1-2/Pros in the afternoon. Then I set my bike down and went to college, medical school, followed by a PhD program in physiology then residency followed by a full time career as an anesthesiologist. During the last 20 years, except for a short stint in collegiate cycling, I didn't regularly exercise and I did not eat well. As a result, I found myself leaving residency at a whopping 292 pounds and in the worst physical shape of my life. I bought a bike and read a book about "modern nutrition" and decided to ride myself back into shape.

Justin - 283 Lbs
State Crit Championship
Unfortunately, I tried to apply 25 year old training techniques and found myself very burned out very quickly. Having a power meter and a wealth of information didn't help me one bit because I had no idea how to interpret the information that I had. It was painfully obvious that despite my 12 years of higher education in the medical field, I had absolutely no idea how to eat and train effectively and make any measurable progress.

I floundered around for about 4 years trying to figure out how to make my come back into racing. My weight fluctuated down sometimes to 30 pounds lighter, but I never felt good and I had no energy to do really quality rides. I also felt hungry almost all the time. Multiple times after losing this weight, I would quit riding and eating well and find myself just as heavy as before. On group rides I struggled to hang on during the warm up and was always blasted out the back within minutes of the pace being picked up. Last year I entered the state criterium championships at a whopping 283 pounds and finished dead last after being lapped by the field several times (see photo). I decided that day that I had to do something dramatically different to make any future progress. I decide that I would hire a coach.

Like anything I do in life, I spent hours researching various coaching groups and nutrition programs and found that without a doubt Peaks Coaching and Nutrition was going to work the best for me. Scott Moninger called me and after our conversation, I quickly decided that he was the right coach for me. What has amazed me most from the start is that even though my fitness was so poor and my weight so dramatically high was that Scott offered so much encouragement from the very beginning. Scott also referred me to Anne Guzman, Peaks Coaching Nutritionist. Anne helped me learn how to eat well and get enough energy for quality rides while still losing weight.

Justin - On Form and Racing for Peaks Coaching Group!

The results have been truly amazing. My weight has fallen 70 pounds while my power has risen from an FTP of 220 watts to over 360 watts. I have more than doubled my power to weight ratio and it is still climbing. I entered the same state criterium championships this year and placed 7th. Instead of being blasted out the back within 1 minute of the start of the race last year, this year I was making attacks and sprinting at the front of the group at the finish line. I have just upgraded to a category 4 and I am already making top 10 placings. The group rides where I used to be blasted out the back, I am now riding off the font and getting to the county line sprints in first place! Working with Scott, I realize now that what seemed unattainable before is now easily reachable.

Justin Meschler, M.D. Ph.D.

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