Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Ridge Camp – Day 1 Guru Sponsor Day

Today was a big day!  Not only did we kick off our annual Blue Ridge Camp but we also announced a new sponsorship / partnership between Peaks Coaching Group and Guru Bicycles.  For those following the blog and reading the bike fit articles, this is the final step, a new CUSTOM Guru Photon. 

New Custom Guru Photon

The team of Stu Waring and Ian Banks, owners of ParvillaCycles handled all the fitting and details via their DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) Fitting Service coupled with Retul (one of the few fitters to feature both in the country) and Guru handled the production.  Stu is an amazing fitter, he dialed in Hunter, Scott Moninger and I to the perfect fit and then patiently walked us through the designs of new custom bikes to make sure every detail was perfect.  We each designed some custom “tweaks to our bikes” to make them what we wanted!  Here is the outcome, three new team color Guru Photons.

Peaks Coaching Group Team Bikes
Guru Photon
The Reviews:

Tim Cusick:  The bike is perfect! I really liked the ability to customize every aspect of the bike.  For those that have been following my bike fit posts, you know I have gone through a lot of change and I enjoyed being part of the design of the final solution.  I built my bike with a slightly taller and beefed up head tube to add better sprint stiffness and handling and also had a small amount of extra trail designed in for better descending.  The bike performs perfectly!  First, the FIT was all the difference.  It was amazing to sit on a bike and just have it fit, like you had been riding it for years.  The bike is smooth and stiff, with great comfort.  For such a light bike (built up around 14.5lbs with pedals and cages) it has the solid feel of a heavier bike.  It’s descending manners are perfect and well balanced, giving a great feeling of “flow” downhill. 

Today we did sprints and the bike was perfect.  The stiff head tube really allowed me to use full upper body effort  to hit some big power numbers.  Another place  the stiffness really helped is in the sprint tracking, this bike is the best “bunch sprint” bike that I have ever been on!

Hunter Allen: Handles exactly the way I want it to.  Turns in just when I want and is well balanced and confidence inspiring.  I am lower than ever on a bike and more aero now as well, felt super comfortable in full tuck with shoulders resting on handlebar tops. Railed, absolutely railed the curves.

I have done this descent over 500 times.  Yes, literally over 500 times.
This is my highest top speed ever
Hunter Allen Guru Photon Descent Record Speed!

Scott Moninger: This bike is light, very light!  Today was my first day and we had some hard rain but the bike was super solid.  The frame was lite and lively and reacted well to both handling in a pace line and under hard climbing power!  Big descents tomorrow so will give some further details after I get to the bottom!

Pretty good start!  I have to say the Guru Photon custom bike are a BIG hit!  So great to share our initial thoughts with all the campers here at Blue Ridge Camp, look for more soon!!!

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