Monday, March 26, 2012

Swimming with the BIG SHARK

This weekend Peaks Coach Scott Moninger and I has the pleasure of coaching at the annual Big Shark Training Camp held in Nashville Tennessee!  Working at private team camps is one of my favorite things to do as you really get to work with, and build, a team.
Our goal for the weekend was to work with the 30+ riders to sharpen their basic skills, give them some advanced training and racing advice focused on putting Big Shark racers on the podium in 2012!  The long weekend kicked off with a Thursday ride to Percy Warner Park for a few "hot laps".  For those of you that know Nashville, Percy Warner is a real treasure for riders.  The park feature a large (10.5 miles) outer loop of undulating hills and twists and turns that is one way only traffic.  Great course to get in some hard 30 minute efforts!  Scott and I worked to teach the group better bike form and some handling skills, then spent the day completing two laps that saw a strong Big Shark team throw down some pretty fast laps, I can tell you know, Big Shark can hammer!

With the hard ride over the group turned to a little more "formal" education as we presented some "Training for Results" tips.  This session was great and one of the reason I love doing the private team camps.  Since the group knew each other and has raced together, there was no 'shyness" in asking questions and Scott and I got some great ones!  Everyone was eager to learn and actively participated in the process!  Day one wrapped up with the mandatory training camp Mexican Dinner which rocked!

Tim Cusick presenting to the Sharks!
Saturday morning saw the group focusing on handling and corner with some emphasis on crit work then (despite the rain and hail) for a nice long ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Wow, the Trace is a beautiful ride what an amazing resource for riders!  I enjoyed every second of the ride despite the driving rain, lightening, hail and the fact that the Big Shark race team was ripping my legs off heading home!

Scott Moninger giving race advice

Saturday was the highlight!  Scott Moninger presented his "Race Tips" to the team giving insight on topics ranging from preparation to race winning! Nothing like getting race tips from America's winningest pro!  This presentation was the set-up for the final weekend day of camp which featured sprint education in the morning and then live "race-scenario" racing. What is a "race-scenario"?  This is a Hunter Allen secret camp training exercise that focuses on short race finishes where teams race head-to-head and work on different scenarios and race strategies.  It is an amazing way to practice as a team as the group were taken through a group of different race scenarios and had to device strategies to deal with them and win!  We saw some hard core racing Sunday morning!!!

Overall a great weekend of learning, riding and racing!  Thanks Big Shark for inviting us down!

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