Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New CURVE Kits Review

Nothing like getting a box full of brand new kits to make your day! This year we are featuring a custom kit from our newest sponsor, Curve Inc (link) . Curve specializes in making custom, pro level kits using leading edge fabrics and pads. Our goal this year was to produce a higher end kit; let’s face it, when you are spending 3-5 hours a day in the saddle, having the right clothes is important. We spent a little more this year so were a touch nervous but the results are in….wow did we make the right choice! 

New Peaks Kit!
The new kits are SWEET!!! I have completed the three mandatory test rides in a new kit and can say these are the best kits I have ever owned. Three key things separate these from the pack:

Compression Fabric: When I first pulled on the kit I was a little concerned about sizing. As I “pulled em up” they seem a little tight but as they settled in I realized it was exactly as our friends at Curve described. The pro level fabric offer amazing compression while fitting like a glove. You can immediately feel the support! Once on the bike, the feeling was a perfect blend of slight compression support and comfort.

Aero-wicking: Ok, I made that word up but it is the best way to describe the Curve fabric. The moment you take the kit out of the bag, you can feel the aero / smoothness of the fabric. My past experience is that these “smoother” fabrics don’t breath as well but not with these kits. Tested on a morning where temps started in the low 50’s and ended in the 70’s was a perfect way to find out. As the morning warmed up and I peeled off layers, the Curve kit quickly wicked any excess sweat from my body and I was never cold; Worked Perfectly! a bonus benefit, also want to point out the PERFECT ZIPPER!  A small detail but man it rocks when you have a great, easy to use when hammering zipper!!!

Killer Zipper!
Pad: We sent with the high end gel pad and it was really worth it. The combination of this great pad and the above described compression made a perfect blend! The pad is VERY comfortable and sits perfect on your sit bones and never moves. I have tried gel shorts in the past and the pad can be a little “squishy” or edged, but not these. The unique gel “sit bone” system really makes for a perfect fit and support. My first ride out was a few minutes shy of 5 hour and things were comfortable the whole way. 

Curve Gel Pad
What a killer combination! The new kits are the best and we are totally psyched to have them. In the next few weeks I will review our new jackets and other accessories and post up the results but based on our initial experience, we think they will be amazing too!!

Over the next few weeks we will be filling the “pre-orders” so for all those that ordered, start checking your mail after the 20th! IF you want to buy a set we do have a limited inventory of all sizes, just check it out in our store at: .

A big thank you to Curve for making us KILLER KITS!!!

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