Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peaks World Champion and other great Peaks Accomplishments

Carl Grove - 1st Place in TT at the World Championship in Austria
Carl was prepped and ready to go, lowering his TT position a notch and training harder but less duration than last year. He finished 1st with an amazing 3 minutes and 30 seconds to spare! Plus he got 4th in the World Champion Road Race and 2nd in the crit! At 84, Carl has “achieved his dreams”, standing on the top of the podium, on top of the world, with the Star Spangled Banner playing! Congratulations Carl!!
Peaks Coach: Tim Cusick

Shantelle Pierce - 2nd Maui Cycle to the Sun
Shantelle Pierce of Farmington, NM placed 2nd in Maui's brutal "cycle to the Sun" hill climb on Saturday. This 36 mile hill climb starts at an elevation 100 ft.and finishes at 10,000 ft.
Along the way Shantelle posted some great numbers for her massive 115 lbs frame, as she averaged over 170 watts for the entire 3.5 hour effort and more than 180 watts for her best 60 min. Congrats to Shantelle for a great effort of that started back in January!
Peaks Coach: Scott Moninger

Wesley Wade - 10th place in the Cat 5 race
Wesley raced the Wednesday Night Memorial Park Crit series in Houston, TX and in only his second crit. he took 10th place in the Cat 5 race. Wesley said he felt really great on the bike, but got caught in some traffic in the final sprint.
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Sune Kjaer - 1st in the D category, Herning 30KM TT in Herning, Denmark
Sune raced in the Herning 30KM TT in Herning, Denmark and finished 1st in the D category and his time was 12 seconds faster than 1st place in the category above him. He is only a few points from moving up to the C category, but it looks like he is ready to win there as well.
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Scott Millian - New PR at Leadville
Scott lined up for his ninth Leadville 100 mtb race and a goal of setting a new PR. After several months of battling the blazing Texas heat on long training rides the cool temperature of Leadville, CO were a sure a welcome to him. The hard work and perfect weather paid off and Scott set a new PR of 9:58 and beat last year’s time by almost 20 minutes. Nice job Scott!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Roberta Beckers - 4th Overall at the Louisianna State TT, 1st age category
Roberta has been working hard all year long, never missing a workout. Her dedication has paid off, she increased her power by 30 watts over last years’ same course TT and finished 3 mph faster despite a tough headwind the first half of the race. Great job Roberta!
Peaks Coach: Kathy Watts

Jim Lewis - Timberman 70.3 Triathlon
On August 21st, Jim Lewis braved the 82 degrees and 92% humidity to come in 12th place in his Age Division at the Timberman 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlon. This was a significant improvement over last years time! He explained that " the more I think about it, the better I think I did", he went on to explain "It is going to be just like Kona!", referring to the challenging heat and humidity. Jim used this race as a primer to get race ready at the Ironman World Championships in October (Kona).
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Tim Whitney - Timberman Sprint Triathlon 3rd in age group
On August 20th, Tim Whitney went into the Timberman Sprint Triathlon feeling in his words, "fairly ready". Which obviously was an understatement. He was primed and ready to rock! He had the best run split he has ever had and came in 3rd in his Age Group! After the race he explained he was very pleased with the results. I even heard him mention something about trying to qualify for Nationals next year!
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Coach Karen Mackin - 4th Place, USA Triathlon Sprint Distance National Championships
On August 20th Karen Mackin headed up to Burlington, VT to race at the USA Triathlon Sprint Distance National Championships. This was going to be her first race with her new Vendetta Xterra Wetsuit! What a race to try it out on. Since she is least proficient (of the 3 sports) in the swim, she was extremely happy with her swim split results, it had placed her in 4th position (among her age group). It was a blind race (she never knew where her competition was!). Although she passed many other racers on the bike and run, she NEVER saw any women in her division! As it turned out it was because there were only 3 ahead of her, 3rd place was 30sec ahead (didn't know) and 1st and 2nd less than 2.5min! This race got her thinking about training a bit harder for next years race!

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