Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Last-Minute Tips for Masters Nationals

By Coach Brig Brandt

Masters nationals is just around the corner and by now most of the hard work should be wrapping up. Last month Hunter did a great webinar on how to prepare for the TT course and the road race. If you didn’t attend I would suggest clicking here to download the webinar. As a Bend local with experience on this course I wanted to share a few more tips.

1) Get some new tires. How many hours have you invested in your training and dollars in your travels? A lot. So minimize your chances of flatting by arriving with some new tires, free of cuts and wear. You’re going to have to replace them anyway, why not do it before an important race?

2) Have a feed zone plan. The feed zone is in a fast part of the course and just before the decisive Archie Briggs climb. It was mayhem in Cascade Cycling Classic and most likely will be for Nationals as well. If your race is short (many of them are) then carry 2 full bottles and try to avoid the feedzone entirely. If you do have someone in the feedzone know exactly where they will be.

3) Rest. There is no such thing as last minute fitness, only last minute fatigue. Make rest and preparation a priority over training the week before the big race. 45 minutes of extra sleep per night the week before the race will pay off big.

4) Eat! See tip 3- There is no such thing as last minute weight loss. Every time I have tried to lose just a little weight the week of a race it has backfired, usually catastrophically. Don’t do it, it won’t work! Come fueled, your muscles will thank you.

5) Have fun. Yes, it’s a cliché and you have worked very hard for this. But stressing too much the week of the event will probably make your performance worse, not better.

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