Friday, July 22, 2011

A WINNING Week for Peaks Athletes and Coaches

Carl Grove - 3rd Men's Masters 60, Indiana State Time Trial Championship
Carl is gearing up to win Master Nationals in August and stronger than ever!  At 84, he was only 1 minute behind the 60 year old youngsters (no other category available) with an awesome time of 31:41 in a 20K TT.  Carl is poised to go to Worlds and step up to the top of the podium!
Peaks Coach: Tim Cusick

Jamie Lee Gossler – 1st place Saratoga 12/24  Triple-lap challenge
Jamie Lee  took out an impressive win in the "Saratoga 12/24  Triple-lap challenge" in Schuylerville,  NY.  The previous record for a solo female in this 96mi "no drafting" event was over 8.5  hours.  Jamie Lee won in  5hr 41min, including mandatory checkpoints and stops to exchange bottles and pick up food.  She beats the previous women's course record by over 3hrs. She was first in the female class and 3rd overall for all solo riders!  Clearly Jamie Lee's preparation was spot on but given the extreme conditions of heat, humidity, and wind, this was  truly a display of mind of matter, raw determination, and perhaps not wanting to let her coach down? Way to go Jamie Lee and look out all you potential fall campers......Jamie Lee has just fired the first warning shot!
Peaks Coach: Scott Moninger

Louis Naes - 3rd Missouri’s hilly Babler Road Race Cat. 3
Recently upgraded Peak’s rider Louis Naes finished 3rd at the Missouri’s hilly Babler Road Race Congrats Louis!
Peaks Coach: Randy Catron

David Abelson – Lifetime Fitness Tri Minneapolis MN
Peaks Athlete David Abelson competed in corporate division of the Lifetime Fitness Tri in Minneapolis riding the bike leg. He had a solid ride and is looking forward to event next year.
Peaks Coach: Randy Catron

Don Seib - 1st place Horror of Harden Hill Expert Veteran II
Don took the top spot on the podium at the Horror of Harden Hill for his first victory of the season. Don racing the Expert Veteran II caught the leaders on the second lap and held off the field for the win.
Nice job Don!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Myra Parker-2nd place at Hayden Sprint Triathlon Athena Division, 
Coeur d'Alene, ID.
The venue was perfect, Murphy's law had a firm grip prior to the race which lead to no warm up.  It was mentally hard to dial it back on the bike but it paid off in dividends allowing her to run the entire course and picked up the pace for the finish.  A big confidence booster going into her Olympic distance race in four weeks.
Peaks Coach- Earl Zimmermann

Jim Lewis- 4th Place Age Group Old Colony Olympic Distance Triathlon
Jim had a great race in Middleboro, MA on July 10th 2011.   He placed 4th  in his Age group for the Tri with a really fabulous finishing run (2nd fastest in AG!)
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Fred Williams-Finished the Rhode Island 70.3 as a Master of Nutrition.
On July 10th 2011 at the Amica Half Ironman in Rhode Island, Fred proved to himself that he could master one of the toughest parts of long distance racing – the nutrition.   His last Half Ironman went OK, but he felt that he needed to do a better job managing the balance of too little nutrition (bonking) and too much (bloating).   So, he signed up (very last minute) to do this event and was happy to come out of it better prepared for the nutrition aspect of Ironman racing as his Full IM is coming up soon!
Peaks Coach- Karen Mackin

Siong Hing- Finished the Epic Climbing of 6 Days of Vars and tops it off with ÉTAPE DU TOUR!
On July 3rd, 2011, Siong Hing arrived in France for the 6 Days Vars Tour (some pretty serious cycling) followed by Monday, July 11th the Etape du Tour where he climbed the MODANE VALFRÉJUS / ALPE D'HUEZ.   When he arrived in France he told me that the airline “lost” his bike!   He managed to borrow a 22 year old steel bike from the tour director’s father and rode the first two days (over 275km and 4900m of climbing) on the “beast”.   He was very happy when the airline found his bike and brought it to him for his remaining days of the tour!   At Etape du tour he told me he “did quite ok!”.  I think it was quite better than OK!   He went on to say at Etape he finished in 5hr 13mins and was the 1100 cyclist to finish out of 10,000.   They gave him a grading of D'agent - silver rank!  He told me he only missed gold by 13 mins!  Then added…”Hmm... Maybe should have suffered a little more”.  
Peaks Coach- Karen Mackin

Tim Whitney-  7th place in Age Division Olympic Distance Triathlon
On July 17th Tim Whitney at Massachusetts State Olympic Distance Triathlon in Winchendon, MA.   He felt he had a great swim and bike, the heat got to him on the run, but he managed to come very close to his goal time!   Way to go Tim!
Peaks Coach- Karen Mackin

Tiffany Pezzulo-Red Sprinters Jersey  
Tiffany coming off a stellar performance at elite nationals (6th in the criterium and 23rd in the road race), Tiffany headed out to Superweek in Chicago for 9 straight days of racing.  The goal was to help her teammate Nicki Wangsgard defend her overall title.  That goal was accomplished AND Tiffany brought home the red SPRINTER's jersey.  Way to crush it Tiffany!
Peaks Coach- Kris Walker 


Coach Scott Moninger-1st Longmont Criterium (Colorado State Crit Championship)Senior Pro 1/ 2  1:15:19.  

Coach Randy Catron- 2nd Iowa Games 20k Time Trial 50-59 division

Coach Karen Mackin- 1st in Age Division Appleman Sprint Triathlon
On July 17th, Coach Karen came in 4th overall and first in her age division at the Appleman Sprint Triathlon, in Littleton, MA.  She enjoyed doing the race because it was on her own home training grounds (only 5miles from her house).   She had a tough swim (wetsuit issues), a fun ride (chasing down her training partner who was just ahead of her), and had a blast on the rocky, rooty, trail run.    “This is definitely a race I’d do again” she said.

Coach Kris Walker- 4th Crusher in the Tushar, Pro Women
I raced the inaugural Crusher in the Tushar this past weekend, a 69 mile dirt and road race with 10,000 feet of climbing.  My teammate, Tana, got 3rd in the Pro women, and I took 4th, which was 48th overall in the 180 person field.  Pretty fun day.

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