Sunday, July 10, 2011

Want to Win Master Nationals?

As many of you know, I am planning on racing Masters Nationals this year. In an effort to better prepare I decided to spend a couple of days riding the course. After running numerous laps with other Peaks coaches and friends it really hit me how challenging this course can be, especially for those not able to ride it in advance. 

The light bulb went off!

Why not use the power files to help racers better understand and prepare for Master Nationals!!!

How to Win the 2011 Masters Nationals
WEBINAR July 20th & 21st, 2011 at 8:00PM EDT
Cost: $49.95                                

Get the inside edge for the 2011 Master’s Nationals in Bend Oregon from Hunter Allen, the “Guy who wrote the book on Power Training”.  Hunter Allen, who is racing in this year’s Masters  Nationals is back from his investigative trip to Bend Oregon and has prepared a webinar  to give YOU the competitive edge that can help you meet your goals for the 2011 Masters National Championships.  Whether it’s top of the podium for the stars and stripes jersey or to finish in the top 10, Hunter’s inside information, power data, specifically designed workouts and racing tips will give you that extra edge that you need!  Hunter has analyzed power files from his own reconnaissance of the road race  and time trial course, along with top finishers in last year’s Elite Races and there are some very specific demands in this year’s course that he’ll teach you.

The Webinar will include:
·         Full Road Race and Time Trial Course Review
·         Actual rider & power profiles to better understand the demands for this course
·         Review of past power files from the Elite Race in 2010. 
·     Specific power training workouts for you to use in your nationals prep 
·         Racing tips and strategies designed to help you win!
·         Q & A with Hunter Allen
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