Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July WINS for Peaks Athletes and Coaches

Colin Cares 1st place Firecracker 50: Breckenridge, CO
On July 4th, Colin had another great epic event and scored a top podium spot.  Race time was 3:57!
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Becky Smith - 2nd place in Women’s Open 5k Beach Race
On June 28th Becky Smith did a unique 5k running race all on SAND in West Palm Beach Florida.  She was amazed at how much slower you when running on sand (this was her first race running entirely on Sand).   She placed 2nd out of all the women!  What a great accomplishment!
Peaks Coach:  Karen Mackin

David Moody- completed Coeur d’Alene Ironman
David completed his first Ironman triathlon with a respectable time of 12:36 minutes
Peaks Coach: Tim Cusick

PCG Coach Karen Mackin-   1st Place, Minuteman Classic 5 mile Road Race.
On July 4th, Coach Karen Mackin ran the Minuteman Classic 5 mile Road Race in Concord, MA.    With one mile to go, she was surprised when someone from the crowd yelled out to her “first place female!”   She thought, nah must be a mistake, but she worked just a little harder so that the woman who was on her tail didn’t pass her (just in case it was true).   And it was true – Karen came in 1st place.

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