Monday, July 18, 2011

4 Peaks Coaching Group Athletes Rock US Cross Country Nationals!

In the Men’s pro US Cross Country Nationals…Peaks athletes, Sam Schultz (2nd), Jeremiah Bishop (4th) and Colin Cares (11th) rode strong and finished at the top of the Men’s Pro division…and Amanda Carey at 7th for the Women’s Pro!

Sam Schultz rode to a career best 2nd Place on the new US Nationals course in Sun Valley Idaho.  Schultz lead the first lap but the defending champion Todd Wells caught him on the second lap.  Schultz stayed right on his tail just 30 seconds behind for most of the race.   On the last lap Schultz started to close the gap, “ I tried my best to give it the old crocodile roll on the last lap, I was reeling him in right until the top of the final climb where it got steep.  I was cramping everywhere, I was inside out, I just couldn't quite do it, but it was a fun race.  

Bishop who usually takes a mid season break this time of year, decided to go to Nationals at the last minute and placed a strong 4th beating out his rival Jeremy Horgan Kobelski.  Colin Cares, the 2009 Under 23 National Champion, finished 11th in the men’s pro cross country. Amanda Carey in the Women’s pro category finished 7th in a tough women’s field.

Bishop is coached by leader Hunter Allen while Schultz, Cares and Carey are all coached by Master Peaks Coach Kristen Dieffenbach.  

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