Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Spots for Peaks Athletes

Amanda Carey - 1st place Lumberjack 100, NUE series
Her third major win of the series
Amanda is the Defending 2010 NUE series champion, She came off of her Transylvanian Epic win  to win her 3rd NUE series event this year.  She also set a new course record with a time of 7:40:38 finishing 20 min ahead of 2nd place.
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Colin Cares - 1st place Bailey Hundo 100 miler in Colorado
In his first 100 mile event, Colin scored the top podium spot finishing in 06:42:47, 20 mi faster than 2nd.
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Mark Franks- 1st place at Carnation long course (27 miles) TT, Mens 50+, Carnation, WA
Mark received his new P4 a few days before the event, I dialed in the position and he just took off, literally.  He beat his competition by 2 minutes with a 1:01.44.  Way to dig deep on a cold, windy, wet course.
Peaks Coach: Earl Zimmermann

Jim Lewis - 3rd place in AG at Patriot Half Ironman in East Freetown, MA
Jim had a great race; he managed a Personal Record on half Ironman course by 3minutes!   Way to go Jim!
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Fred Williams - Personal record at the Patriot Half Ironman course in East Freetown, MA
Fred hit a PR, with faster swim and cycling times at the Half IM.   Being one of his early races of the season, he felt it was a good learning experience.  It reminded him of some key race strategies to work on in the coming weeks, in preparation for his Ironman.
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

David Hart- Finishing the 148 mile B2B Ride, Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA to Winsor, VT Brewery
David describes this event as the “toughest ride I have ever done”.   He went on to say it was an “Incredibly fun day where I learned a lot about myself”.   Despite the brutally challenging course, he felt he was ready and decided he was even more ready to step up to his next challenge of getting ready for Vermont’s Six Gap Ride
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Bruce Rychlik- Finishing the 148 mile B2B Ride, Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA to Winsor, VT Brewery
“Longest ride I’ve ever done”.   Bruce describes his day as a fast paced challenge (relative to the duration) that was incredibly beautiful, and full of really nice people!  He felt well prepared and enjoyed the moments of saving energy to ride with the group but also realized sometimes he was using extra energy to ride with the group!   A great day!
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Peaks Coach - Kris Walker - 1st place Summit Hill Climb-12.2 mile climb
Hey, I raced the town to summit hill climb last weekend and WONiT!  12.2 mile climb from Sun Valley to the top of trail creek with 2.5 miles of dirt road at the end.  Right up my alley.  

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