Friday, June 10, 2011

Peaks Coaches and Athlete's Rock!

Sam Kreig – 1st 2011 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic
“Hunter,  I had an awesome race I absolutely got dropped on the first climb those dudes are so strong then I got back I got my sh*t back together and attacked the top of the second climb over the top completely pegged I was completely at my limit. We dropped everyone got a 4 min. gap I dropped the guy I was with and solo’d to the win.  I won the overall yellow jersey, the whole thing super super cool!!  Go SAM!!!

Jeremiah Bishop- 1st place 2011 Transylvania Epic Mens Open
Jeremiah finished strong with the winning time of 15:14
Peaks Coach: Hunter Allen

Amanda Carey – 1st place 2011 Transylvania Epic Wos Open
Amanda finished first in this epic mountain bike event with a strong time of 19:06!
Peaks Coach: Kristen Deiffenbach

Mikaela Koffman - 4th at Hardwood Hills Canada
Mikaela had a really strong race at the Canada Cup #3 race at Hardwood Hills. Mikaela was the top U23 rider in the race and placed 4th, just 2:30 back from top senior Canadian racer Emily Batty.
Peaks Coach: Kristen Deiffenbach

Wendy Skean - Competed in the Temecula 12 hr event
Wendy finished this tough event with an impressive 50 miles in 8:30 hours!
Peaks Coach: Kristen Deiffenbach

Colin Cares – 5th at the Teva Games XC event
Peaks Coach: Kristen Deiffenbach

Caitlin Scheder-Bieschin - 1st at District TT for Junior 17-18 women
Junior rider Caitlin Scheder-Bieschin (of the Early Bird Women's Developmental Cycling Team) wins the District Time Trial for Junior 17-18 women, and also secures the Victory for the Northern California Junior Points Series for Junior 17/18 Girls! 
Peaks Coach: Laurel Green

Elaine Griffin - 1st  Tejas Triathlon (35-39 age group)
Elaine won the 35-39 age group category at The Tejas Triathlon  in Houston last weekend. She set a scorching pace on the bike and followed it up with a strong run to continue her string of podium appearances. Way to go Elaine!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Jim Breen - 10th Lake Auburn Road Race (45+ category)
Jim continues his great season with another top 10 performance. Jim finished 10th in the 45+ (Cat1-4) at Lake Auburn Road Race in Auburn, Maine. You rock Jim!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Mike Adams – 11th Let’s Roll into the Summer Omnium (35+ 4/5 category)
Mike  finished  a strong 11th  at The Let’s Roll in to the Summer Omnium in Comfort, TX.  Mike has been recovering from mid-season injuries is coming back strong and regaining his fitness quite nicely. Keep up the good work Mike!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Sune Steiniche Kjaer - 3rd in the Enkeltstarten 16 Km TT in Silkeborg, Denmark 
Sune battled the Danish winds to move up 2 places from his last years performance and take his spot on the podium.
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman
Chuck Crocco - 6th Place NJ State 40K TT Championship (45+category)
Chuck  place 6th with a strong time of 56:54 and meeting his personal goal to break the hour in the 40K – great job Chuck!
Peaks Coach: Bill Earthman

Mike Rickey- 5th at Ofallon Grand Prix
“I felt good the entire race, tried for 2 premes and finished 5th. Got pushed out on 8th corner and had 7 people pass me. Caught 2 before the finish.”  Rockin Mike!
Peaks Coach: Bill McLaughlin

Jordan Cullen - 1st at Wisconsin State Road Race Cat 1/2
Jordan claimed title to the Wisconsin Cat 1/2 Road Race State Championship.  Although still 1 month shy of his 16th birthday, phenomenally Jordan dropped his break away companions and surged to a last lap win on the challenging State Championship road course.  The race turned out the be great prep for the upcoming National Championship since it combined a hilly course with 90 degree heat and high humidity. Jordan is riding great form as he prepares to compete in the 15-16 year old Junior National Championships in Augusta Georgia.
Peaks Coach: Gordy Paulson

Tim Valentine - 1st Place Tennessee TT State Championships Cat 1/2
Tim won the Tennessee Cat 1/2 Time Trial State Championship on a rolling,  challenging course. Tim took advantage of his climbing strength on the hilly Tennessee course to deliver one of his best TT rides so far this season. He must have had something left in the tank however, because he followed this fine TT performance up the next day with strong rides in two separate Criteriums.
Peaks Coach : Gordy Paulson

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