Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PCG Athletes ROCK with great May race results!

Tony Abate - Sprint Victory Ft Ritchie Crit - Cat 3
Tony put a cap on his Cat 2 upgrade points by scoring a great sprint victory in the Cat 3 race at the Ft Ritchie Crit in Maryland. Tony worked hard to get into the winning front group and then narrowly avoided a crash in the final turn before opening his sprint for the line.
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Diane Harris - 4th Ft Ritchie Crit - Cat 4
Diane scored another top 5 finish with a great 4th in the womens Cat 4 race at the Ft Ritchie Crit.
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Paul Lengerman -  5th at Deep Blue TT
Paul had a rough lead into his start at the Deep Blue TT in Dover Deleware. Paul finished 5th in the Cat 1/2 group and was part of the winning pair in the two man TT.
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Sunny Gill - 1st Jefferson Cup Road Race Cat 3 Mens
On Sunday, Sunny  scored a great WIN at the Jefferson Cup Road Race Cat 3 event. Sunny has been riding really consistently this year and is well on his way to getting his Cat 2 upgrade.
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Jen Akeroyd – 1st at the Eugene Roubaix Race - Cat 1/2
Jen repeated her Win in the Women's Cat P1/2 event at the Eugene-Roubaix race in Eugene Oregon. This years race included all the usual fun with lots or gravel road including the finishing kilometers. Jen kept her options open and was ready to change her initial plan during the finishing sprint having to dig through some deep gravel as she changed lead out trains in the final meters of the race.
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Chuck Crocco - 9th Place at  Somerset Circuit Time Trial  
Chuck ran a tough 45+ category with a PR for the course these are his words: “Perfect Conditions. Finished 9th in the 45+. Good ride.PR on course by 15 seconds and upped wattage and speed from last year.”
Peaks Coach: Bill McLaughlin

Roberta Beckers - 1st Red Bug Hill TT - 45+
Roberta has been working hard all year, never missing a workout, she jumped into the Spina Bifida fundraiser ride, hung tough with the men early, then another group of riders, and to her surprise ended up winning the hill climb sprint at the end!! Way to go Roberta!!
Peaks Coach: Kathy Watts

Greg Campi - NYC GranFondo 9th in age category
“Great day with NYC GranFondo. 100 miles w/ four timed climbs. 100 out of 2500 riders and 9th/181 in my age group Qualified for the 2011 UCI Amateur World Championship in Belgium. After the 4-timed climbs had 30 miles to go and worked hard to the finish and felt good for all of the ride.”
Peaks Coach: Bill McLaughlin

David Yacobelli - 6th at Bristol Mountain Road Race Cat 3
His words: “Today went well. Felt strong for the entire day. Rained and hailed on us in the last hour. Was cold. Overall had a good race and played it as good as I could. 
Peaks Coach: Bill McLaughlin

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