Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Week for Peaks Athletes!!!

Robert Donovan-1st Place Cat 4 Criterium Roswell GA
Robert attended our Spring Camp in Virginia, honed his racing skills and promptly put them to good use in his first race win of the season! Way to go Robert!!
Peaks Coach: Hunter Allen

Daniel Moore - Australia - His best race ever!

After 10 weeks off for a knee injury, Daniel came back strong with one of his best races ever! A personal best in the swim leg and superior pacing on the bike.  Way to come back strong!Peaks Coach: Hunter Allen

Amanda Carey - 1st Cohutta 100 Elite pro womens
Amanda crushed this weekend winning by 30 minutes! Awesome…
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Colin Cares - 2nd place at Whiskey 50 proof Men’s Elite

Colin came in 2nd just 4 minutes behind off first place- riding strong
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Wendy Skean - 7th Place Whiskey 50 proof Wos 45+

Wendy rocked this weekend with an awesome time of 6:28.  Way to go Wendy!
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Sam Schultz - 3rd place at Mellow Johnny’s Pro XCT4 Elite

Sam finished 3rd in his best finish so far this year!
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Eduardo Lass - Won overall and junior of Brazil Sprint Triathlon Cup
18 year old Eduardo won the first event not only in the juniors but in the overall event and qualified for the Junior Pan American Championship!!!
Peaks Coach: Cris Solak

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