Monday, May 16, 2011

Durango Power Camp 2011

Wow, what a camp!  As a professional coach I can tell you working camps is tough work.  You are usually the first one up in the morning and the last one to bed, you are constantly planning and adjusting, you ride a lot and rarely have time for recovery and you tend to get little sleep.....

That being said, I wouldn't change it for the world!!!  I love getting to ride with different folks all over the world.  There is something about mixing it up with a group of new riders that have all come to spend time learning how to ride and train better.  I love getting to know everyone as bikers and friends, love to grind out the miles and go through unique challenges with each rider!

If you have never attended a cycling camp you need to give it a try!

Here are some pictures from last week!

Team climb out of the Animas Valley, heading to 11,000ft + on top of Molass

Lead group starting to get away

Hello Robert!

Wow, we are going up THERE???

Gene & Mitch above the snow line!

Leroy Climbing to Coal Bank

Robert and David heading home

Scott Moninger & Tim Cusick teaching sprint form

Scott & Jamie Lee sprinting it out

Peaks Brazil Coach: Cris Solak

Jamie Lee Form

Peaches at the line!

Michael and Tim working sprint form

Thanks everyone for a great camp!

Author Tim Cusick

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