Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PCG Athletes' Race Results!

Jeremiah Bishop 3rd and Sam Schultz 5th - 2011 Sea Otter Classic
Hunter's athlete, Jeremiah hung tough at Sea Otter and placed third, Sam Schultz, PCG coach Kristen Dieffenbach's athlete, finished at a strong 5th place.  

Frank Brummer - Tour of Hermann
First racing of the season after early season struggles with a rough IT injury
Time Trial - Tour of Hermann 50+ category, 7th
Road Race - Tour of Hermann 50+ category, 6th
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Colin Cares - Cheyenne Mountain Pro Race
First race back after cracking a rib a few weeks ago -
Cheyenne Mountain State Cup Pro race - 14th
Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Todd Baumeister- Olympic View Road Race
Todd scored a hard earned 7th place in the Olympic View Road Race in Washington State. The race started in cold temps and rain and had the added fun of a neutralized stop with just 3 miles to the finish. After standing on the side of the road with chattering teeth for 17 minutes the race was restarted and Todd gave it a go leading down the technical and wet descent finally finishing 7th in what was left for the pack sprint. 
Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Jim Lewis - 2nd Place AG at the Groton Road Race, Groton, MA
After the 20th Annual Groton Road Race 10k, Jim said; “It was 70 degrees, and I was feeling tired from the week of testing. I thought this sucked, until I learned I came in 2nd in my age group!”  OK, well, sometimes we have A races and sometimes we just race for a great workout, or to see what we could do and this was one of those races.   Jim pulled though and gave it all he had and ended up in a great place AND improved his time over last year.  Way to go Jim!  Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Ross Elliot -  5th place AG for 1st time Ironman, Port Elizabeth South Africa
Ross Elliot had a great race on April 10th at Ironman South Africa.  In our post race chat he exclaimed " [ I ] have gone through the race in my mind and there isn't anything I would have done differently".   Although later in the conversation he asked..."I would like to get your post mortem on the training we have done to get an idea if you think there is 37 min we can take off the table".   It was then that I realized that this would probably NOT be his last Ironman.  He placed 5th in his age group with an excellent time of 10:37, 17s behind the Kona slot and 33min from 1st place - Pretty awesome for a 1st time Ironman! 
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

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