Friday, April 15, 2011

LeMond Fitness and Peaks Coaching Group Power Up!

Bedford, Va, USA – April 8th, 2011 – LeMond Fitness is on board as a 2011 sponsor of Peaks Coaching Group.  Both companies are leaders in performance cycling, LeMond Fitness with indoor and group cycling products, bicycle trainers and data capture devices and Peaks Coaching Group with coaching and training services. Peaks Coaching Group is the leader in power-based coaching and training services and software.

Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group and co-author of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” commented, “LeMond Fitness is at the forefront of the fitness industry in capturing accurate power and related data from its exercise bikes and indoor trainers.  We are delighted that we have been able to strengthen our relationship with them at an exciting time of growth and innovation in their company. The LeMond Revolution and their recently released Power Pilot data capture device will provide their customers and ours a meaningful opportunity to step up to the Peaks Coaching Group training plans and increase their athletic performance. 

Hunter continued, “Peaks Coaching Group is the leader in power based training, our coaches have been training, racing, and coaching with power for over 10 years and fully understand how to maximize their athlete’s results through the use of power training. With the introduction of the Power Pilot, athletes and coaches can integrate indoor training data capture and custom Peaks Coaching Group training plans to upload different types of workouts directly to the Power pilot. This ability, together with the real road feel of the Revolution, will increase the efficiency and enjoyment of an athlete’s winter training and performance and complete the cycle of training prescription and post training analysis”.

LeMond Fitness Senior Vice President, Bernie Boglioli said, “Hunter has been using our Revolution Trainer and testing the Power Pilot and it’s great to hear a coach of his talent and experience compliment the Revolution’s real road feel and the Power Pilot’s accurate data capture.  We are proud to be included as a sponsor of his programs.  Hunter and his team have done a fabulous job of helping athletes and other achieve their peak performance.

The LeMond Fitness Revolution trainer was reviewed by Mr. Allen in his February newsletter. In it Hunter says, “It feels so much like you are riding outdoors”  ….none of that, why is this workout so hard indoors feeling.”  Hunter’s review continues…I was putting out the same watts on the revolution that I would normally put out on the road bike and that is always encouraging! The wattage numbers on the Power Pilot are as accurate as I have ever seen and this is an excellent way to measure power.”

The LeMond Fitness Revolution trainer and Power Pilot together form the most advanced indoor cycling trainer available, giving the athlete the ability to download and upload wattage, cadence, heart rate, calories, speed and distance and combine to provide unsurpassed real road feel, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable training session.

LeMond Fitness and Peaks Coaching Group on the cutting edge of training with power!

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