Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Week for PCG Athletes!!

Jen Ackeroyd- 1st Banana Belt Series final and overall series Winner & 2nd at the Piece of Cake Road Race 
Jen had a great weekend out in Oregon. On Saturday she took a hard earned 2nd place in the cold and wet and ironically named "Piece of Cake Road Race" which included 3.5 miles of gravel in each of the races 17 mile loops. The Women’s 123 field tackled 3 laps with attacks going on the gravel in each lap. In the end Jen and another rider came up just short of catching the loan leader but Jen opened her packet of sprint legs to beat her chase companion. Following Saturdays race, on Sunday Jen raced again in the Banana Belt Series final to take the WIN in the race and in the series overall. Jen attacked the small lead group in the Women’s 123 field to cross the line solo 4 second ahead of the sprint for second place. 
Peaks Coach:BJ Basham

Todd Baumeister - 8th at the Independence Valley Road Race
Todd got the timing of his final attack for the line in the Masters 40+ 4/5 event at the Independence Valley Road Race in Rochester Washington. Todd got swamped just meters from the line but held on for 8th overall. 

Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Brian Sacawa - 12th at the Bethel Pro 123 Race
Brian made the best of the weekend after the Jefferson Cup Road Race was postponed due to expected snow. Brian made the drive to Bethel Connecticut where he worked hard for a great 12th in the Pro 123 race. 

Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Isaac Howe - Personal Best at the San Dimas Stage Race

Isaac was part of the hard working team that helped Ben Day repeat his victory at the San Dimas Stage Race in California. After Ben took the lead in Friday's uphill time trial, where Isaac took 90 second off his own personal best, the Kenda p/b 5 Hr Energy team patrolled the front for Saturday's rolling road race and Sunday's fast 6 corner crit keeping the pace high all day and neutralizing any dangerous attacks from the riders close on the GC. 

Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Graham Long – 23rd overall at Marblehead Circuit Race

Graham started his racing season with a solid ride in the Marblehead Circuit Race in Massachusetts. Graham finished with a top 10 in the field sprint behind a break to finish 23rd overall.

Peaks Coach: BJ Basham

Louis Naes – 3rd at Hell’s Kitchen Road Race, St. Louis MO 
Louis Naes of St. Louis, MO took 3rd in a large Category 4 field at the Hell’s Kitchen Road Race on March 20 in Hogeye, AR. The race featured two ascents of the infamous 1.2 mile, 15% grade “Hell’s Kitchen Climb.” On the second lap two riders got off the front, and Naes lead a chase group to the line, winning the field sprint for third, and nearly catching the second rider. Peaks Coach: Randy Catron

Jeremy Larson- Personal Best by 30 min!

"Muddy and Wet! But I beat my previous time by over 30 minutes and had more stamina in the last 8 miles, which is the most technical." - Jeremy exclaimed 

Peaks Coach: Brig Brandt

Becky Smith – Personal Best at the Piece of Cake 10k, Oregon

Becky ran the Piece of Cake 10k, she has been working on her running and this race was in preparation for her upcoming 10 miler. All of her hard work is starting to pay off. This year’s race must have felt like a "Piece of Cake" to her, as she sliced off nearly 2 minutes from her last year’s time at this same race! Way to go Becky! 
Peaks Coach: Karen Mackin

Jeremiah Bishop - 2rd in the men's Pro XTC at Fontana CA 

Jeremiah took a strong second place podium spot at the mens Pro XTC.   
Peaks Coach: Hunter Allen

Sam Schultz - 3rd in the men's Pro XTC at Fontana CA 
Sam took 3rd just behind another Peaks athlete Jeremiah Bishop and also had a strong showing of 8th in the Short Track on Sunday. Two weeks ago at Bonelli Pro Series, Sam also got 8th in the Men’s pro XTC, 5th in the Super D, and 4th in the Short Track. 

Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Amanda Carey - 10th in the women's Pro XTC at Fontana CA 
Amanda got 10th on a tough course at the women’s Pro XTC. At the Bonelli Pro Series, two weeks ago Amanda placed 8th in the women’s pro XTC.

Peaks Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach

Colin Carey - 2nd at the Classico Mountain Florida
Colin took 2nd at a C2 UCI race in Costa Rico at the Classico Mountain Florida

Peak Coach: Kristen Dieffenbach 

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