Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don't Forget Your Tools!

With all of the great advances in power, and the guidance of knowledgeable Peaks Coaching Group coaches, you have set some goals and have a plan on how to achieve them. GREAT! You hit the road, or trainer, daily and you train hard. You rest hard. You are doing everything right.  You have pictured yourself winning, or having a great personal performance. You have seen yourself getting over the big climbs with a lot of power in your legs, feeling strong. You have felt yourself at top speed.

Your goal?  Perhaps it is that you line up on the start line this year with confidence that you have put in the work and you have some top performances.  Perhaps it is that you feel prepared for your Grand Fondo, or to feel prepared for the weekend local group ride. Confidence is half the battle in reaching your goals. And these training and mental tools can help you to gain a lot of confidence when used properly. The question is….what other tools can you use to build your confidence?

A tool that is often left out of the toolbox for athletes is their nutrition.  Let me ask you;  if you had a beautiful car, with a top notch engine, lots of power, acceleration, and speed…and the tank was getting really empty while cruising on the highway….would you just keep driving it until it ran out of gas and stalled? NO! And you KNOW that your car needs fuel in order to use all of that power and speed it has. YOUR BODY IS THE SAME.

To add to your confidence on the line, yes, you do all the physical training and get the rest. But you also need fuel your body properly.

I believe part of having a mental advantage on the line is knowing that you have done EVERYTHING YOU COULD IN YOUR POWER to be the best athlete you can be on that day. And everything includes fueling your body properly, training and working on your mind.

Imagine the extra confidence you have if you KNOW that your breakfast has gotten you through many hard rides and races like the one you are lining up for? Imagine that you KNOW you have exactly what you need in your bottles and pockets for the race/ride because you have tried and tested it? Imagine that you know what you have been eating day in and day out has your glycogen stores topped up and you are not worried about running out of energy? NOW THAT…IS A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!

The less worries you have when you roll up to the start of that club ride, race, Grand Fondo , the better of you are! You want to roll to the start with the most possible preparation. Tried and tested nutrition and training. Not with questions running through your mind such as “should I grab another gel? Did I eat enough for breakfast? Am I hydrated?”  This is not the time for doubts and questioning. This is the time to PERFORM.

The difference lining up for an event with half a tank or a full tank of gas could easily be the difference between winning or not. The difference in staying hydrated during an event on a hot day could be the difference between cramping and pulling out, or finishing strong while your competition suffers. The difference of having the kick in the last 5km or watching the pack ride away from you, could easily be from running low on fuel. But this is all in your control, if you make it part of the grand plan. Part of your tool box.

So as you prepare for an amazing 2011, be sure to get on top of your sport nutrition! Get the extra edge over the competition by arriving at the line with a full tool box….sharpened and ready to perform at your absolute best!

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